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Atlanta Equestrian Academy's lesson program provides a complete horsemanship education for all levels of riders while emphasizing safety, skill and sportsmanship.  Our program and its high-caliber school horses have something to offer everyone, whether you are just learning to ride, going to your first show, riding for personal enrichment, or are a serious competitor striving for excellence.

  • All lessons include the use of a specially chosen school horse, riding academy grooming supplies and riding academy tack.  

  • Lessons are paid for on a monthly basis.

Group Lessons

  • 1 hour with 2 to 5 other riders

    • $300 / month (4 lessons)

  • Groups are comprised of riders of similar age and skill level.  They maximize riding time by allowing students to improve their horsemanship skills by both riding and watching others all with the guidance and input of the instructor.  

  • Students participate in one-on -one exercises as well as exercises designed to use the group dynamic as a learning tool.  The group environment also fosters an increase in sportsmanship and self-confidence both on and off the horse.

Private Lessons

  • 30 minute private lesson

    • $300 / month (4 lessons)

  • One time 30 minute private evaluation

    • $85 


While our lesson program is designed to promote excellence in riding and horsemanship, we also give riders interested in showing the opportunity to pursue the sport for competition through our lease to show program.  This gives non-horse owners a chance to get a taste of the exciting world of horse shows.

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